Monday, June 27, 2011

Fairy Princess

This layout is all about a day we spent down in Sydney visiting Aunty Vonnie, when Soph created her own fairy princess outfit.

I've had these photos for quite some time and been meaning to put them together on a layout. I ended up throwing them in with a stash of goodies I was taking on my visit to Queanbeyan on the Country Link train.

It was quite a funny story  of how this layout came about, you see Whilst we were on our 4 hour train trip I decided to pull my stash out of the backpack and see what I could come up with. I had only been scrapping for 10 minutes or so and when I looked up I was surrounded by a group of ladies.

One lady quickly said "oh don't stop were all very intrigued in what your doing and would love to keep watching if that's OK" I told them that it was fine and kept working on the layout. I spent most of the trip answering questions of "how did you do that? can you show us again?" or seeing these women cringe as I cut up these photos so that I only had Soph on the layout and not all the bulky backgrounds which were irrelevant to the story I wanted to tell.

With only 20 minutes to spare before we were due to get off the train I finished the layout and our carriage irrupted with applause and comments of "oh isn't she clever", "I never would of been brave enough to do that" etc etc.

Because of all the noise of my onlookers the security guard came wondering down to see what all the fuss was about. The ladies apologised for the noise and quickly moved back to their seats. I felt really good teaching a few new skills to some lovely women and it sure did make that 4 hour trip fly by.

For this layout I wanted the images to look like she was playing in a magical fairy land so I suspended some chipboard frames backed with opaque velum above the page with golden cord to suspend them from the top of the page to make them appear to be hanging from nowhere.

I put the first photo in the oval frame so it appeared as if she was sitting on a swing.  

The second photo was placed between the frame and the velum to give the appearance that she was in the magic mirror.

The last photo showed the wings she made and was of her back so I adhered her with the big chipboard Caterpillar behind so it looked as if she was standing there having a conversation and reading the journaling card beyond that.

I would have liked to added a title but felt it would overcrowd the whole page and decided the keep it simple approach was best.

well that's all folks


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