Monday, January 23, 2012

Easter Adventure In The Capital

I was looking through some photo's and came across photos from our Easter trip to Queanbeyan to see my family.

We had so much fun on our friends Clem and Carolyn's farm.

Clem took Steve, Sophie and Dad out on his tractor to collect wood.

Sophie loved going for a ride on George. George was a circus pony and there fore is extremely affectionate and just loves the company of people and the other ponies.

What a character Soph was giving George hugs and he was blowing horse raspberries and laughing.

Sophie loved pretending to drive the tractor. Especially with Nandad's cow boy hat on.

This one is a bit squinty, the wind was howling so we decided to take a walk and explore the property.

The dam was a breath taking oasis in the beautiful bushland. Surrounded by native trees and shrubs. The water was still and native flowers were blossoming. "Hows the serenity?"

This is the new farmhouse. I just love it and as I wondered around I dreamed of a farm house of my own. "Sigh".

Sophie insisted I take a picture of the water tank. When I explained how the water tank uses gravity to feed the water down to the house she was so impressed she ran strait to Daddy and told him "I need you to build a water tank for our house, then we can have special gravity water."

We headed into the farm house to warm up in front of the fireplace and enjoy the fresh scones I had baked that morning. Needless to say they didn't last long.
We all piled into the 4x4s and headed out along the track to the road. We had to park our sedan out near the road as the track leading into the farm is dirt, bumpy and full of wombat holes.

What a great day we all had. We can't wait to go back and visit again.

Well that's all folks

Cheers, Donna

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