Monday, January 23, 2012

Fun at Lake Burley Griffin - Canberra

I'm playing catch up.

I'm sooooo.... behind with my blog it's not funny.
I'll post all about the quilt I made for my Mum and Dad for Christmas which took up every moment of my time for 6 months!

But back to the topic at hand.

Lake Burley Griffin. We had a great day out whilst in Queanbeyan for Easter.

On arrival we were greeted by some beautiful swans.

We headed onto the wharf and strait onto the boat for a guided tour of Lake Burley Griffin. Our tour guide was hilarious we laughed our socks off and learnt so much. It's great having a local guide the tour. He knew all sorts of interesting tid bits.

I was surprised how entertained Soph was. I expected the novelty to wear off in the first 5 minutes, only to hear the inevitable "I'M BOARD". But I was wrong she had a great time and asked loads of questions. She giggled and giggled at all the jokes our tour guide told (even though I think most of them went strait over her head!) 

"Look look everyone. Nana your not looking LOOOOK"

A quick pic of mummy and Sophie.

We passed the fountain at just the right time.

As we headed back under the bridge we passed lots of these pedal boats and knew we had to have a go on these.

We pedled all the way down the lake under the bridge and down to the fountain. Thankfully the fountain was not going at the time or we would have been drenched.

We took turns pedalling and although our legs felt like they were going to drop off towards the end we powered on and made it back to the wharf.

What a great day out

Well that's all folks

cheers Donna.

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