Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Coco Comes Back

Sophie was so excited when I arrived at school to pick her up on Friday because. "Coco's coming to our place mummy, Coco's coming to our place"


This is the weekend that Coco came back to visit the Reay Family.

We had lots of fun even though we didn't go anywhere particularly special this time.

No Cheerios in the cupboard, but Coco did enjoy some healthy porridge with yummy honey. 

Then it was off to one our favourite stores. Bunnings Warehouse. As usual the moment we walked in all the Bunnings girls flocked towards us with a "Hi Sophie, Hello sweetheart, We missed you Sophie we haven't seen you for at least 3 days." It goes on and on.

If you haven't guessed yet we love Bunnings and they love Sophie, and were all in love with Coco the camel.

After picking up shelving set number 3 and some other bits and bobs we headed over to the Mega Market to the bulk butcher. Sophie had to stop for another picture.

And then she spotted this one.

We headed home for lunch and Coco got to try a chicken and cheese toastie for lunch. Yum yum yum.

We finally got around to putting the mini trampoline together that mum and dad gave us, it's only been stashed away for a year or so. 

Well Soph must have fallen over, tipped it over and bounced right off that thing a hundred times and every time she jumped up looking like a stunned mullet and exclaimed "I'm OK I'm OK" and scrambled back on and kept on jumping. 

Well that's all folks


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