Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mini Master Cheff

What a great day we have had today.


Because today was Jemima's Birthday, and Jemima had a Master Chef Party

Sophie and I have been looking forward to seeing just what a Master Chef Birthday Party was ever since we received the invitation a couple of weeks ago.

Well It was quite simple to do as far as the party went and soooooooo.... much fun.

On arrival we were handed a little paper bag with Sophie's name on it.

I took this picture towards the end of the party. As you can see the apron did it's job keeping all that coloured icing off of their clothing.

Inside was a little chef's apron with Sophie's initial on it (Master Chef symbol style), a paper chef's hat and a small piece of timber dowel (rolling pin) along with some lollies and nick nacks as there party bag.

Everyone put on their apron and hat and made their way over to the tables where they were given a ball of pizza dough to roll out.

They then popped their rolled out dough onto a paper plate which already had their name on it and went to the next table which had lots of toppings all layed out in bowls for the kids to put on their pizza's.

Next they took them to the kitchen where Auntie took them off the kids and started putting them on trays to cook in the oven.

Meanwhile the kids played pass the parcel and pin the cherry on the cupcake.

Before you knew it their little pizza's were ready and they all sat down at the tables for their lunch.

After lunch they ran around wild giggling, screeching and generally having a great time with balloons flying everywhere.

Then everyone was asked to make their way back over to the big tables where their were towers of cupcakes, bowls of different coloured icing and bowls of lollies and decorations.

The kids then decorated 3 cupcakes each, 1 to eat as the birthday cake and 2 to take home.

Their were so many cupcakes left over the mothers were asked to go ahead and decorate and take a couple home too. We were all happy to oblige and had lots of fun doing so.

whilst everyone sat down and ate their cupcakes we all watched on as Jemima opened her presents.

Everyone thanked the birthday girl and her family for a wonderful day and headed home.

We made it home just before a big storm hit, so I'm typing quickly, trying to get this post up before we loose power.

Well that's all folks


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