Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Landscape Quilt For Christmas Part 2

Strait back into it or I fear these blog posts will take me longer than the quilt did (ha!)

Mother and baby koalas my 1st animals to hit the sceen. Now I must confess when I showed Jane these pre printed Australian animal panels she said something that threw me and caused a major panic. "These animals look very animated, like cartoons and don't mesh well with your more realistic landscape."

My heart sank. She was right what was I going to do? ARGH.

I went home to have a serious think. Then whilst surfing the net looking for a miracle I found it.

Stitch Painting. Yep the name says it all, it's painting with stitches.

So I set to work and was so proud of my self with how this all turned out, I looked at the directions of the koalas fur and the different tones and recreated it with different shades of cotton and free motion stitching.

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