Monday, November 5, 2012

My New Obsession - Up-cycled Creations

Really anyone who knows me will not be at all surprised by this post. 

I'm seeing this trend growing more and more and there is so much inspiration out there. 

I've seen so many ideas in the last five minutes I don't know where to begin so here is just a tiny fraction of the many ideas I would like to try.

Some require a little sewing and others a lot but then others require no sewing at all.

Be inspired and give it a go. Click on the pictures to go to these creative tutorials.

It is amazing how often I see great clothes on sale in the mens section for only a couple of dollars, yet in the women's section a similar item is on sale for $20. Well the above tutorial will get you thinking on that subject. Better yet next time family or friends say "oh I'm doing a serious clean out of my wardrobe" jump on the opportunity to up-cycle one of their old garments, giving you a new outfit for only the cost of a few buttons and some cotton!

This tutorial even shows how to use up the off cuts to make a cute, co-ordinated headband. Sweet!

This one will come in handy for Sophie. There are many great tutorials on Jesica's blog and I suggest you make yourself a cuppa and take the time to explore her amazing tutorials and posts. Now thats one talented lady!

Love this simple idea of stamping to make a plain T look fabulous and unique.

A great post with several ideas on making something old new again. I'll be trying a few of these ideas.

How about that T shirt you love, but it's just a little too short. Well Kate has the answer to that one.

This is so cute and the flowers could be used on headbands, clips, bags etc.

Now I don't know if I would be brave enough to use unlined lace with my figure but an alternate fabric could make a plain T look great!

Hmmm..... so many possibilities. 

I have so many more ideas to share alas, I must be off to school now.


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