Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coco Comes To Stay

On Friday when we picked Sophie up from school she was waiting on a chair for us with two bandaged knee's, a bandaged elbow and a smile on her face.

Although she had fallen over and hert her self she was proudly clutching a blue basket with a brown fuzzy little friend inside. The class pet. Coco.

Now your probably thinking guinea pig right. Well you would be wrong. Coco is a camel.

A stuffed toy, much to my delight which does not require feeding or cleaning up after. Got to love that!

We had a busy weekend and Sophie was thrilled about looking after Coco.

She played puzzles with Coco.

Made a tent and went camping in the lounge room with Coco and then turned the tent into the ocean and taught Coco how to surf.

Took Coco on the swings and explored the backyard, before reading a bedtime story and tucking Coco into bed with big ted.

On Sunday we went to Spears Point Park for a family birthday picnic. Whilst there Sophie taught Coco how to play soccer.

Next we headed over to the road safety bike track and Sophie taught Coco all about road signs and where to cross the road.

We also had to make an entry in Coco's journal. Sophie happily started going through my best scrapbooking papers and embellishments and fixated on my stash of Sassafras Lass.

She wanted so many different things included but we had to narrow it down to just a few. She had to make some flaps for her pictures to hide under and really really really wanted one of those circle things that turns around and shows the pictures through the window.

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