Monday, February 7, 2011

Australia Day Live

We decided to go to the Australia Day Live Wiggles concert this year.
Which was held the day B4 Australia Day on the lawns of Parliment House in Canberra.
It was stinking hot but we had a lot of fun regardless.

Whilst on one of our usual trips to Spotlight for scrapbooking supplies I spotted this yellow and white striped satin for $2 per meter. Of course yellow being Sophie's favourite colour I couldn't go past a deal like that so Sophie promptly requested an Aussie green and gold dress for the concert and some new boxer shorts.
This is what I came up with. A simple bodice with big circle skirt to make it extra twirly and big scallop cap sleeves to keep the sun off her shoulders. A green satin sash to tie it off with a big bow at the back. Sophie was very pleased and was not at all happy about having to take it off that night to go to bed.

Nandad dropped as at Woden bus terminus to get the show bus and only had to wait 4 or 5 minutes which was quite good considering the amount of people. But of course 5 minutes seems like an eternity for a 5 year old on a hot day when all you want to do is see the Wiggles.
This is Auntie Sam, Shaun and Sophie waiting, waiting, waiting.

On arrival we walked up to the concert area and decided to find some shade. It was even hotter in the city so we enjoyed an ice block and Sophie got a big purple balloon from the local radio station.

We headed into the concert area and got herded towards the middle like cattle, finally finding a small patch of grass sandwiched between a couple of families to sit down.
In came the Wiggles in there big red car and we were all clapping and singing along in no time.

Toot toot chuga chuga big red car.

After the concert we headed to the open area park away from the bulk of the crowds and watched the Rouletts air show.

We had a great avo especially Sophie.

well that's all folks



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